Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Know the Health Benefits of Green Tea For A Healthier Body

Green tea is considered as the healthiest beverage that comes from a small shrub known as camellia sinensis plant which is native to India and Asia. It is also known as a popular super food that is loaded with a large number of nutrients and antioxidants that can have some positive effects on the human body.

This green is made with steam-dry methods which is a delicate processing technique that does not change the components of the green tea. Since, it is minimally processed; green tea can prevent cell damage and can also prevent the occurrence of a large number of serious health problems. Hence, it is important for you to know the health benefits of green tea so that you can drink this amazing beverage for the myriads of benefits it offers.

Health benefits of green tea

Large amount of antioxidants- green tea is known to have polyphenols antioxidants that help in reducing pain and inflammation in the body. This will eventually prevent premature aging because it protects the cells from all kind of damages and protects the body from chronic illness. This is the reason why it is called as a super food as it offers a large number of health benefits.

Improves brain function- green tea contains stimulants that make you alert, happy and awake so that your brain will function more efficiently. It also helps in increasing the brain activity so that you will have improved memory and concentration and you will not suffer from any kind of brain related illnesses. You will become more productive when you drink green tea regularly as it has relaxing effect on the brain.

Cancer prevention- there is many components present in green tea that has proven to show positive effects in cancer prevention efforts. It also prevents tumor development in the different organs of the body as it is known to prevent the occurrence of prostate, breast, liver and colorectal cancers.

Healthier heart- the large amount of antioxidant and flavonoids present in green tea also helps in protecting your heart from any kind of heart diseases. It also slows down the breakdown of the LDL cholesterol, improves blood vessel function and prevents blood clots.

Additionally, people who drinks one cup of green tea everyday will have reduced risk of artery blockages and lower cholesterol level for reducing the risk of heart attack.

Lowers blood sugar level- drinking green tea is also very beneficial for diabetic person as it lowers blood sugar level significantly. Moreover, anyone drinking this tea also has a lower risk of having type 2 diabetes as compared to a non-tea drinker.

Quick weight loss- if you are looking for ways to lose weight than you should drink green tea because it has fat burning properties that will help you get rid of excess body fat.

It also helps in boosting the metabolism rate of your body so that you will shed the extra pounds from your body. This will eventually help in improving the physical performance as you will have more energy to carry on the day to day activities.

Supports bone density- bone loss is prevented because of the presence of antioxidants in green tea so that risk of fracture is reduced significantly.

Moreover, the quality and strength of bone is also improved because oxidative induced damage to the bone is prevented. It also helps in bone building so that you will not have to suffer from pain and inflammation caused due to weaker bones.

Improved dental health- the risk of dental infections will be reduced greatly with regular green tea intake. It also helps in inhibiting viruses and killing bacteria so that you will not get these infections.

Additionally, you will enjoy improved dental health as dental caries and cavities will not affect your teeth and bad breath will also be reduced.

When looking for the best beverage that you should drink, green tea should be on your list because it has a calming effect on your overall body. It is also caffeine free so that you don’t have to worry about any side effects caused due to drinking of this tea on a regular basis.

You will enjoy a large number of health benefits of green tea so that you will live a healthier and happier life.

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